Gina Liberti Bio

All You Need to Know

The sojourn into the world of crystals began with a single gift.  That one crystal opened the door that created 2 things:  1. The desire to learn as much as possible about these incredible tools (going to workshops and building a library of resources) and how to make them ‘hands free’ i.e. pendants, earrings and statues/sculptures.  Almost thirty years later, Ms. Liberti, has not only stood on the shoulders of giants like Raphaell, Stein and Walker, but as a shaman’s apprentice, she learned that her skill with crystals was more ‘transmutational’ in nature-- or working on a more psychological level to change attitudes that can profoundly affect the health of the body.

She has since written a ‘cookbook’: Combining Crystal Energies: Recipes for Making Crystal Jewelry, and she has also created an EnergyBlendz channel on You Tube where she  explains how to create  a certain type of energy with specific crystals and wire.